Thursday, 28 February 2013

Review Wagg Tasty Chunks

Well my dogs certainly got a lovely treat this week and followed me around for hour's after trying these. I got sent a 150 grams bag of Wagg Tasty Treats Chicken, Ham and Beef and they smelt great when I opened the bag the dogs soon got a whiff of them, they came and sat in front of me waiting to try them. They all scoffed them down and licked there lips so certainly a big thumbs up from my 3 dogs.

I did put a couple in my coat pocket and all I can say is no leads needed and they were hovering around me, every time I put my hand in my coat pocket they sat down in front of me lol so if you want your dog's attention make sure you have some of these yummy treat's handy in your pocket.

I have bought Wagg product's for years for all of my dogs they seem to agree with there digestive system  and they never waste anything from the range which can be seen here Wagg Dog Food 

These Tasty Treats are  Meaty square-shaped chunks in chicken, beef and ham, enriched with vitamins and minerals giving you a seriously tasty treat.

With no added sugar or artifical colours or flavours I am sure your dogs will love these oven baked goodies so please buy a bag when you see them for sale.

They are available in 150g packs.

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