Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well another year gone and can't complain about 2012 was a pretty good year alround for us.
I didn't do my veg past last year with not being well for a few month's but will definitely be doing it this year Ive missed not being able to just go and pick what fruit and veg we wanted daily. The main thing that we missed was our dog Blue he is so funny with the sprout plants he picks his own sprouts off the plant and eats them plus the apple tree's we have are only small yet and he can reach the apple's aswel which he does eat lol really funny to watch and I will put a video of him picking his fruit & veg on here for you to see.

We haven't had any more double or triple yolker's this year but still it was amazing to see a triple and will probably never see another one again in my lifetime. We put it on you tube and amazing all the comments we got about it.

Well my competitions I enter on a daily basis was amazing wow I had some good Win's last year so will carry on entering them and you get such a lovely feeling when you get a winning email saying what you have won it's very nice and I might add some of the wins on here as I win them its interesting to see what I win and as they say you have to be in it to win it.

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