Tuesday, 22 January 2013

This is such a fantastic quilt and have to be honest my sister made it but this summer when she comes to visit is going to show me how to make it. I've been making quilts for a couple of years now and did learn fast it looks harder than it is and once you have a go you soon get hooked. Ive made baby quilts, taggy's, place mats and cushion fronts once you have a go there's no stopping you, I'm on with a project that is for my super king size bed so the quilt is going to take me a while to do it's massive but will be lovely when finished. 

This was one of my first lap quilt's I did the picture's shows you just the quilt top and backing on it I just had to go around the edge's with a small border and binding which didn't take long to finish and now is on the bottom of the spare bed and looks great.


  1. They look fab! would love to be creative enough to make something like that don't think I have the patience though.

    1. Thank you I started on something small first then just practiced on patchwork all mixed up squares it was so easy but I had a good teacher my sister she is really good.