Thursday, 28 February 2013

Win an Iphone 4, 4s, 5 Clip on Cover with your choice of picture on it.

This is to win a Clip on cover for an Iphone 4, 4s, 5 you choose what you want put on it. The picture you want to use has to be as high resolution as possible and to bear in mind the shape of the phone. 

Good luck x

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Review Wagg Tasty Chunks

Well my dogs certainly got a lovely treat this week and followed me around for hour's after trying these. I got sent a 150 grams bag of Wagg Tasty Treats Chicken, Ham and Beef and they smelt great when I opened the bag the dogs soon got a whiff of them, they came and sat in front of me waiting to try them. They all scoffed them down and licked there lips so certainly a big thumbs up from my 3 dogs.

I did put a couple in my coat pocket and all I can say is no leads needed and they were hovering around me, every time I put my hand in my coat pocket they sat down in front of me lol so if you want your dog's attention make sure you have some of these yummy treat's handy in your pocket.

I have bought Wagg product's for years for all of my dogs they seem to agree with there digestive system  and they never waste anything from the range which can be seen here Wagg Dog Food 

These Tasty Treats are  Meaty square-shaped chunks in chicken, beef and ham, enriched with vitamins and minerals giving you a seriously tasty treat.

With no added sugar or artifical colours or flavours I am sure your dogs will love these oven baked goodies so please buy a bag when you see them for sale.

They are available in 150g packs.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Busy times

I've been very busy these last few week's with wood yes wood my husband has had me out with him in this freezing cold weather cutting and splitting wood. The only good thing is we have a wood splitter that plugs into the electric so keeps me away from trying to use a massive ax because I'm sure I wouldn't be very safe with that i would look like the mad ax woman.

As you can see the wood keeps us very very busy all year supplying a few of our neighbor's The length of the wood you can see is 1 metre lengths so a alot of wood we go through every year. We have 3 chainsaw's to use but the poor things are starting to get tired and we do use alot of chains & at least one cutter bar every year. I don't need to go to the gym because I get plenty of exercise lugging these logs about a few times a week. The next picture is my baby the electric log splitter  wow best present I've ever had lol I hate letting people on it but now and again I will share it lol. This is it and its amazing the size of logs it will split with no effort apart from one button and a lever that's it.

My hubby still uses the big ax sometime's but so easy to use my machine so that's my job and with the weather being so cold we have been trying to get as much wood in the barn as we can.

The picture below is my inset log burner in my kitchen and I love it it gets so toastie and warm in there and it takes 500 mm log's so quite a big fire. We have another one similair that has been fitted into our living room that we are renovating from an old room that had an earth floor but we are finding it hard to do wood, work & renovate but slowly we are getting there we have put 2 windows in and 2 to go but it takes a while to get the whole ready for a window with the cob wall's being 3 foot thick.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Everyday things: Garment Printing & Embroidery

Everyday things: Garment Printing & Embroidery: Global Military Supplies  ( GM Supplies ) 9 Gloster Road, Martlesham Heath Business Park, Ipswich, Suffolk,  IP5 3RB Tel: 01394 383562 ...

Garment Printing & Embroidery

Global Military Supplies (GM Supplies) 9 Gloster Road, Martlesham Heath Business Park, Ipswich, Suffolk,

 IP5 3RB Tel: 01394 383562

Fantastic place to get anything embroidered and at a very reasonable price. 

By choosing your local Embroidery & Tee Shirt suppliers in Martlesham, 

you can go and talk to them, look at your 

design on there software program and they can make alterations while you wait,

you can choose your garment colour 

from real colour swatches and get a feel for the garments.

 GM Supplies can provide this service at there unit in 


Reasons for Garment Printing & Embroidery can be:

Charity events

You are a local business

Military Tee shirts

Sports Clubs

School or Nursery

Miscallanieous items    Dog Coats and Aprons

If you can’t see what you want get in touch   and they will do there best to find it for you.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Win 2 lots of Byron Bay Cookies

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Everyday things: Yummy Byron Bay Cookies (Review & Giveaway)

Everyday things: Yummy Byron Bay Cookies (Review & Giveaway): Well what a lovely thing to review Byron Bay Cookies I'm in heaven. I am so lucky to have a box of these to try but the only thing is I can't keep my hands off them they are so so yummy and melt in your mouth. Byron Bay Cookies Have such a wide selection that are all totally amazing flavour's that your whole family will love.

They have launched a range of gluten-free cookies (Triple Choc Fudge, White Choc Chunk & Macademia Nuts, Strawberries & Clotted Cream, Sticky Date, Ginger & Walnut Dotty – all gluten-free) which have been registered with Coeliac UK. They have a huge range of cookies, too many to mention here, but I have tried Ginger & Walnut, Fig & Pecan, Dotty, Lemon & Macademia Nut Shortbread, Clowning around, Triple Choc Fudge and Milk Choc Chunk. The full range is shown on there website Byron Bay Cookies you are sure to find some cookies you will love and others that you can't live without.

I love the dotty ones with them having sweets similar to smarties on the top they are yummy. All the ones I've tried have been large thick cookies that really melt in your mouth and once you have tried them you will certainly come back for another one, and another and you will tell your friends about them how totally scrumptious they all are.

The good people at Byron Bay Cookies have also given me 2 box's of these amazing cookies to give away to 2 lucky people that enter my competition so good luck everyone you will be over the moon if you win a box. If you would like to go and have a look here are 3 links to add for you.
This is there lovely website  and this is there twitter page   There facebook page is  Thanks for reading and having a look Ali xxx Ps Good luck everyone xxx

New Giveaway very soon (it's something to eat)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Everyday things: Giveaway Nail Varnish

Everyday things: Giveaway Nail Varnish: Dior Diorific Vernis 207 Diorling is a sheer champagne gold with tiny silver, golden shimmers and larger coppery golden shimmers it is lush ...

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Schwarzkopf Colour mask Dye

This came through the door a Schwarzkopf Colour mask colourant to try happy days. So I will give it a try and see how well it does for me. 

I will update when ive tried it so we will see and wish me luck lol

Monday, 4 February 2013

Owning an Ipad not all there cracked upto be.

Well i've had one of the first Ipad's that came out and to be honest they are very good but there is such alot of things you can't do on them so before just buying one have a play on one and go through what you would normally do on a pc to be certain that you will be able to play what you want on an ipad.

Like I said ive had mine a few years now and never had any trouble with it but I think I would if I was buying another tablet certainly look at other one's that at around at the minute because there are some amazing one's at alot less money that will run java for playing online games. I actually quite like the look of the Blackberry playbook or the Google Nexus 7 which has a great long battery life which is very handy indeed. But my favourite is the Samsung Galaxy tablet I would quite like a camera with my old ipad not having one. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet looks fab and love the feature of doing screenshots which is very handy indeed for what I would be using it for. So hopefully in the future I will get one of these to have a good play on and should use it more than I do the Ipad.

Then the next job will be to update my phone so I need to do abit of investigating around some of the review site's on phone's so that I get everything I want from a phone before I buy one. I will tell you all i'm still using a Nokia N70 please don't laugh lol ive had it since the world cup 2006 and that still come's on when I turn the phone on and yes it always's makes all my friends chuckle when they here it and have to go and have a look at it. In a few years it will be antique lol so yes it's certainly time for a nice change and one that I can get online with .

I quite fancy and Xperia or Samsung S3 they look great so will have to have a look and a feel of them and see what there like to use. As you can see this year is the year for upgrading gadget's for us so I said once i've been sorted out properly with all this we will start on his but maybe next year because his are all ok but might upgrade his basic kindle to a kindle fire for him with him working so hard he need's a treat bless him.