Monday, 25 February 2013

Busy times

I've been very busy these last few week's with wood yes wood my husband has had me out with him in this freezing cold weather cutting and splitting wood. The only good thing is we have a wood splitter that plugs into the electric so keeps me away from trying to use a massive ax because I'm sure I wouldn't be very safe with that i would look like the mad ax woman.

As you can see the wood keeps us very very busy all year supplying a few of our neighbor's The length of the wood you can see is 1 metre lengths so a alot of wood we go through every year. We have 3 chainsaw's to use but the poor things are starting to get tired and we do use alot of chains & at least one cutter bar every year. I don't need to go to the gym because I get plenty of exercise lugging these logs about a few times a week. The next picture is my baby the electric log splitter  wow best present I've ever had lol I hate letting people on it but now and again I will share it lol. This is it and its amazing the size of logs it will split with no effort apart from one button and a lever that's it.

My hubby still uses the big ax sometime's but so easy to use my machine so that's my job and with the weather being so cold we have been trying to get as much wood in the barn as we can.

The picture below is my inset log burner in my kitchen and I love it it gets so toastie and warm in there and it takes 500 mm log's so quite a big fire. We have another one similair that has been fitted into our living room that we are renovating from an old room that had an earth floor but we are finding it hard to do wood, work & renovate but slowly we are getting there we have put 2 windows in and 2 to go but it takes a while to get the whole ready for a window with the cob wall's being 3 foot thick.

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