Saturday, 9 February 2013

Everyday things: Yummy Byron Bay Cookies (Review & Giveaway)

Everyday things: Yummy Byron Bay Cookies (Review & Giveaway): Well what a lovely thing to review Byron Bay Cookies I'm in heaven. I am so lucky to have a box of these to try but the only thing is I can't keep my hands off them they are so so yummy and melt in your mouth. Byron Bay Cookies Have such a wide selection that are all totally amazing flavour's that your whole family will love.

They have launched a range of gluten-free cookies (Triple Choc Fudge, White Choc Chunk & Macademia Nuts, Strawberries & Clotted Cream, Sticky Date, Ginger & Walnut Dotty – all gluten-free) which have been registered with Coeliac UK. They have a huge range of cookies, too many to mention here, but I have tried Ginger & Walnut, Fig & Pecan, Dotty, Lemon & Macademia Nut Shortbread, Clowning around, Triple Choc Fudge and Milk Choc Chunk. The full range is shown on there website Byron Bay Cookies you are sure to find some cookies you will love and others that you can't live without.

I love the dotty ones with them having sweets similar to smarties on the top they are yummy. All the ones I've tried have been large thick cookies that really melt in your mouth and once you have tried them you will certainly come back for another one, and another and you will tell your friends about them how totally scrumptious they all are.

The good people at Byron Bay Cookies have also given me 2 box's of these amazing cookies to give away to 2 lucky people that enter my competition so good luck everyone you will be over the moon if you win a box. If you would like to go and have a look here are 3 links to add for you.
This is there lovely website  and this is there twitter page   There facebook page is  Thanks for reading and having a look Ali xxx Ps Good luck everyone xxx

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