Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wow what a challenge this is for me.

Well then where do I start lol
Today I got my donut maker that I won out of the cupboard, thought I better as it has been in there for absolute months now. Well very strange the recipe for the batter mix said it made enough for 10 donuts but the machine can only cook 7 at a time very strange but anyway we made the batter to exactly the right amount of ingredients and we ended up making 30 so go figure. They tasted lovely but maybe need abit more practice with the machine.
I will start to review things that ive either bought or won and maybe people could give me there opinions on similar items and lets see what we think are best for the money.

We had a person come for logs today aswel in a great pickup and we helped him fill it with logs from our shed.