Monday, 11 March 2013

Having fun with my Kenwood Ice Cream Maker IM200

I know it's not the weather for Ice cream but you can't beat making your own Ice cream and with my husband loving ice cream so much I thought it was time to buy one with some voucher's I had won. Then the dilema was which one to buy so I had a good search around and found this one which was very cheap so wasn't sure if it would work so well but low and behold it works a treat. It's one that you can leave the bowl in the freezer so that your ready to make ice cream at any time you fancy some. It doe's take up a fair bit of room in the freezer though but this way you don't have to wait for the bowl to freeze before use if you use then wash and put straight back in the freezer till next time. I first tried some lactose free milk, with me having problems with dairy this was an ideal way for me to have a treat with using my own milk. It was so easy to use and I had made Vanilla ice cream in no time at all only had to put the milk, cream, sugar and vanilla extract in a jug and stir then start the machine going and pour in thats it and wait for 25 - 40 minutes and it was done absolutely amazing and so so easy. So then I was hooked and started making allsorts of flavours I made my hubbies favourite Rum & Raisen then I made Banana ice wow that was so nice. So if your thinking of getting an ice cream maker do it because you will be amazed we were. Here are some of the different machines and prices below. This one from amazon is £39.45 Kenwood IM250. This one is fun for all the family priced at £24.95 it's one that you just have to keep moving and can pass around the room for everyone to help make it fun & yummy. This one is a serious Gelato Chef 2200 Ice cream maker £229.99 but Wow would love one of these.

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