Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Good afternoon everyone Just thought I would do a little post about what I am making at the minute with the sewing machine. Well its been so hot here at the minute I have been none stop sewing from a break from the sunshine its been too hot for me.
So here are some of my glasses cases, sunglasses covers which I love to make and if your looking for a small gift for anyone these are ideal especially if someone keeps a spare pair of glasses in the car or like my friend a spare pair in each room of the house which I found funny so these cases would look after your lenses.
Less dust and saves scratching them with these padded cases made from 100% cotton fabric and they can been put straight in the washing machine and wouldn't take long to dry so you can been back using them. Here is a few pictures of them and they are all for sale in my etsy store Here

Fab Chicken fabric which has wadding/batting inside for padding. These are £5 plus £1.25 postage and if you want two of these glasses cases just 25p postage added for 2nd case.

Hammer and nail fabric perfect for the men for a small gift to keep there glasses/shades in.

Fab Sparkly Pink fabric lovely pressie for the girls.

I have loads of fabric so if there is something your looking for just ask I might be able to sort something out for you. Ps I don't bite lol 

Hope you like my items and you can find me at 

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I will be back updating my blog with posts of what I have been making x

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