Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fantastic Kindle Cover Tuff-Luv It's a must buy I would say.

Tuff-Luv Embrace Amazon Kindle Cover - Electric Blue 

Kindle Covers

My husband has taken charge of this cover Tuff-Luv Embrace Amazon Kindle Cover - Electric Blue which can be bought at  or

 It has meant he could take his Kindle to work to read at lunchtime, he used to worry the screen would get damaged but the Tuff-Luv cover has solved this problem. The Kindle fits in perfectly and is held securely by the corner straps and the cover is then held in place bay an elastic band like an old fashioned journal. The cover is beautifully made and whilst it has a lifetime guarantee I think this is offered because they are so well made it will not be needed.

The cover still allows access to the Kindles controls and so you can still enjoy one handed reading, which is dead handy when you are trying to get to the end of your chapter before you get the the end of your sandwiches. If you are reading on the go the strap on the back help you to hold the Kindle without having to reach round the case which is much easier on the hand.

The case we got is in a lovely bright blue but other colours are available. My husband wouldn't be without this fantastic case, a great quality product, at a great price. Highly recommended by my husband and probably by me as well if I could get it back off him.

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